Business Process Automation Solutions

Orchestrate business processes for the Digital Era and beyond

Business process automation platform for human-centric workflows so powerful and flexible you can build more than an internal app; You can build a business.

Stratawise's robust workflow automation platform is designed for enabling the simplicity of low-code environments, both for creating casual or complex processes and making them highly available.


Our flexible workflow system ensures teams and individuals know what part they play and when to do their par


Improve efficiency, consistency, and traceability through automation.


Automatic notifications prompt staff to play their part and keep everyone informed.

Choose Stratawise as the basis for your digital transformation

business process automation funnel

Build digital solutions to address the unique internal and external needs of your business

  • Eliminate waste by streamlining tasks
  • Increase business velocity with automation
  • Save time, money, and resources
  • Enable employees with the right workflows to improve morale

After deploying the Stratawise platform


1 %
Reduced Manual Work
1 %
Better Flexibility
1 %
Improved Compliance and Task Management
1 %
Improved Interactions with Clients

Stratawise Applications

In-House Process

  • Out the box workflows for common internal processes
  • Flexibility to customize as your process evolves

Business Foundation

  • No need to be a developer to have a SaaS business
  • Easy to use flexible platform to fit your clients needs
OODA Loop: Business Process Automated Life Cycle

The OODA method serves as a solution in industries such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Municipal
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Life Sciences
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Discover how Stratawise can help you easily create dynamic workflows using our modern, visual platform.

Business Process Automation... simplified.

Tailored to Fit

Whether you start with one of our pre-built processes or engage with our services team to build a process from scratch, the result will be tailored to your needs in terms of workflow, forms, and notifications.

Cloud-hosted, nothing to install

The Stratawise platform is fully cloud-native, nothing to deploy. You can see ROI in days not months. No hardware to purchase or software to install

Enterprise ready

Regardless of your enterprise-level demands, the Stratawise platform can meet the requirements. Ask us about our premier level support including the option for a dedicated technical account manager.

distributed operations

Available globally via the cloud. Teams that are remote that need to play a part in a process are easily able to see when it is their turn in a sequence either by monitoring their queue, email, or even SMS.

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