A price and configuration that works for any team size.

Email sales@stratawise.com to request free access for seven days.

Product Plans
  • Users (price is per module)
  • Access to pre-built processes
  • Automated emal notifications
  • Custom workflow and forms
  • Daily/weekly reports
  • Excel export
  • Rich API*
  • High availbility
  • Zero downtime upgrades
  • Tableau integration
  • Built-in SAML support
  • Event subscription integration
  • Disaster recovery
  • Multi-location support**
  • Extended data retention
  • Support options
$60 flat monthly
  • Up to 3 users
  • Standard included
$40 per user/month
  • 4-15 Users
  • Standard included
Call Sales
  • 16 or more users
  • Premier option


Enterprise Pricing or Premier Support

Interested in Enterprise pricing or Premier support, contact us: sales@stratawise.com or (813) 508-7370
Depending on the context, we also offer special pricing for low-touch users (e.g.: users that only submit requests and mark them completed).

Can I extend my free trial? Yes, request an extension from your Sales representative.

We scale to serve large companies Our first customers were Fortune 100 clients requiring significant scaling, high availability, and disaster recovery. We can meet your mission critical requirements.
Architected from the ground up as a multi-tenant cloud application to scale to any size. Redundant, active-active, deployment architecture to avoid single points of failure.

  *API Throttled to 1500 calls in 24 hour period
** Additional charge per location, call to discuss, please