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OODA Loop: Business Process Automated Life Cycle

OODA Loop Business Implementation and Automation

All businesses need structure. Without structure, goods would go undelivered, buildings uncleaned, and meetings unattended. The implementation of the OODA loop in business helps provide the structure necessary for a business to improve how it accomplishes essential functions. One of … Read More

Introducing CivicWise

With the advent of the new decade we have some exiting news to share. In 2019 we saw the growth in demand for Stratawise within municipalities. As a result to ensure focus on our municipal customers and to maintain the  exceptional … Read More

Introductory Post

Welcome to the Stratawise blog, the place to be for updates about the latest industry news for example, posts related to material flow, supplier root cause analysis, and the optimization of lean manufacturing. Follow to see our future posts! Follow … Read More